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    Data is Everywhere


    Data permeates every aspect of our lives. Data science applies techniques from computer science and statistics to extract knowledge from data. The extracted knowledge enables actions that can lead to better decisions and better outcomes.


    Data science is applicable to virtually every kind of organization and industry. With the help of data scientists, questions that might previously have gone unanswered, can now be answered based that on data collected about an aspect of a business, an organization, society or the world.


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  • Transplant Translation



    Using a new automated RNA analysis platform, data scientists can monitor and treat heart transplant patients with a simple blood test instead of invasive biopsies. Using compiled data from the test, data scientists can identify a small number of proteins in the blood, which allows doctors to improve early diagnosis post-transplant for signs of acute organ rejection. Early diagnosis of such problems can enable intervention to be administered as early as needed.



  • Informing Disaster Relief

    When responding to a natural disaster, such as a typhoon or an earthquake, disaster relief teams rely on crisis mapping of affected areas. Machine learning algorithms can be applied to Twitter feeds in real time to efficiently map disasters and classify the types and severity of damage incurred. This knowledge can help disaster managers and volunteers create a more effective action plan, ultimately minimizing damage and hopefully saving lives.

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Data. Knowledge. Action.

Data is everywhere. Seamlessly woven into our everyday lives, new technologies continue to increase the speed and accuracy with which data is generated and collected.

In every domain, from health care and e-commerce to utilities and gaming, a staggering amount of data has led to a new field and an unprecedented demand. What’s needed are naturally inquisitive people who have the skills and tools to turn vast quantities of data, in all its forms, into valuable, meaningful, and actionable knowledge. What’s needed are data scientists.

Program Features

The UBC Master of Data Science (MDS), 10-month accelerated program, provides the technical foundation and practical real-world data experience to prepare graduates to effectively translate data into knowledge, communicate its stories and help decision-makers take action.

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“15 out of 17 sectors in the United States have more data stored per company than the US Library of Congress.”

- McKinsey Global Institute