Data Science in Action

Data in Action: Bringing Clarity to Transit Congestion (Student Capstone Project)

Dec 05 / 2017

In Vancouver, one of North America’s most traffic-congested cities, TransLink’s largest operator, Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC), is enlisting the help of data scientists to improve the reliability of its service, today and into the future.

The goal of the project was to extract insights from timing point data that could help CMBC create more accurate schedules for its over 200 daily bus routes.

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Data in Action: Transplant Translation

Jun 01 / 2017

Data scientists are having a positive impact in the medical field – in ways never dreamed possible. Using a new automated RNA analysis platform that conducts biomarker blood tests, data scientists can monitor and treat heart transplant patients with a simple blood test instead of invasive biopsies. 

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Data in Action: Understanding the Gender Wage Gap

Jan 17 / 2017

For decades we’ve known that a gender wage gap exists, but only very recently, with the help of data science, have we been able to examine the issue from new angles, understand the contributing factors, and explore solutions to minimize or eliminate it. 

When Vancouver-based Visier, a workforce intelligence solutions company, published their latest research study the data revealed a valuable insight. 

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Data in Action: Informing Disaster Relief

Jan 17 / 2017

When disaster strikes, the time it takes to get rescue workers and supplies to an affected area can determine the fate of countless lives. 

With the frequency and severity of global natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons, on the rise, disaster relief teams are relying more and more heavily on data and data scientists to help reduce response times and create hyper-targeted and increasingly efficient action plans. 

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