One of the strengths of the Master of Data Science at UBC is its extensive network of industry partners. These partners were key contributors to the the design of the program, and also provide students with the opportunity to get real-world experience in a variety of different roles and industries through their eight-week capstone project.

Featured Projects

Capstone Projects

BC Stats

2018: Discovering Thematic Categories from Survey Comments

2017: Empowering Employee Engagement through AI - Government of BC

Rio Tinto

2017: Tools for Analyzing Mining Drill Data


2018: Using Survival Analysis to Finding Leading Indicators of Customer Churn

2017: Unbounce Community Forum Analysis


2018: Binary Classification of Leaf Wetness Using Sensor Data


2018: Building a Recommendation System for Medical Research Papers

2018: Predicting Conversion Rates for Tourism Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram

UBC Sauder School of Business

2018: Extracting Features from Financial Documents for Predicting Firm Performance


2018: Automated Human Resources Insight Discovery

Microsoft MSN

2018: Web traffic Prediction for

SAP and Teejlap

2018: Automated Legal Risk Assessment on Web Service License Changes

Partner with Us

Industry partnerships are critical to the continued success of the MDS program and its students. We are always looking to continue building collaborative relationships with companies and organizations in British Columbia, Canada as well as internationally. If you are interested in working with us, meeting our students and alumni, facilitating a guest lecture, participating in our Capstone program, etc., please contact Milad Maymay, Director Program Operations & Student Management at or 604-822-4217.