How Will I Benefit?

The UBC Master of Data Science degree is a unique graduate program that empowers students to be ready to apply their newly acquired knowledge to a career in demand.

If you are naturally inquisitive, have a passion for learning and a burning intellectual curiosity, with good communication skills and technical writing skills, then this is the program for you and your future career.

Multi-disciplinary in nature, the UBC Master of Data Science program enables individuals with backgrounds in fields ranging from biology to linguistics to gain the statistical and computational knowledge and skills to fill the data science knowledge-worker gap.

Although professional experience is desired, it is not a mandatory requirement.

Many other programs typically focus on producing graduates that are specialized either in statistical methods, or computational methods, but not both. UBC’s new Master of Data Science program enables graduates to span both the statistical and computational perspectives and effectively communicate those results to different stakeholders.

After you have finished the program, you will be career-ready and in demand by potential employers.

Set Yourself Apart

The UBC Master of Data Science program sets you apart from other students:

  • Short-term commitment for long-term gain: This 10-month, full-time accelerated program, helps students enter the job market sooner and begin building their careers.
  • Unique structure: The condensed one-credit courses let you learn in a focused way by covering a limited set of topics in depth at one time.
  • New skills: Apply your freshly earned knowledge through a capstone project
  • Practice makes perfect: The program provides practical, real-world-applicable experience via integrating real-world data sets across the courses.
  • Career choices: The UBC Master of Data Science program gives you experience with a variety of data across a range of domains, and therefore exposure to a multitude of potential career avenues.